Football Road Trips Logo black stencil23% of the British population have at some point watched a football match abroad. However, in a market place flooded with fake or dodgy football tickets, sub-standard hotels, tourist-trap bars, overpriced taxis and complicated transport systems, organising such trips independently isn’t as easy as we might think.

Football Road Trips is a UK based company ran BY football fans FOR football fans and was set up to provide an experience that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Having been to over 100 countries ourselves and watched football in close to 50, our team is highly knowledgeable about both football and travel, meaning your experience will be enhanced greatly. The 5 star reviews we have received in the last year are a testament to how good our trips are.

At Football Road Trips we take all the stress out of organising a trip to watch European football by supplying an English guide for the duration of your holiday, helping to gee up your group and take you to the bars and pubs that tourists just don’t know about. Not only does this save you money but also gives you the chance to meet locals and have a more genuine experience when in Europe’s finest cities. In addition, the fact we also provide a driver the whole time means you never have to get on local transport or pay expensive taxis whilst you are away, saving precious time and cash.

Our relationships with clubs also mean that you will ALWAYS get great seats inside the stadiums we visit and you’ll never have to worry about getting turned away at the turnstile, something which sadly happens when buying from certain unregistered and uninsured websites.

We are fully protected by The Travel Vault meaning any money you pay to us is legally protected, giving you peace of mind and protecting you financially. Read more here.

So hop on board and give us a try as we will to give you the best football travel experience possible and help make your holiday one to be the envy of all your friends so that you book with us again and again.